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Certificate Course: Simulation of Automated Vehicles

Zielgruppe: Personen aus dem Kontext "autonomes Fahren"

Abschluss: Diploma of basic Studies/ Diploma of Advanced Studies


Beschreibung: Turning the vision of autonomous driving into reality requires a fundamental digital transformation which forces engineers to face multidimensional and interdisciplinary challenges. Computer simulation offers a key technology for handling these complex tasks and will be a game changer as a strategic element of product lifecycle. But more than ever before, agile, cross-company and cross-border digital processes are required. This also places new demands on the workflow and knowledge of simulation experts. Our ENVITED academy Certificate Course "Simulation of Automated Vehicles" will provide you with a comprehensive overview and cross-disciplinary context of a data-driven simulation process for the virtual development and validation of automated vehicles. 
Our certificate course takes an application-oriented look at the requirements of current and future data-driven simulation processes. In the context of virtual 3D worlds, technologies from data acquisition to processing, analysis and quality assessment will be presented. Participants will gain insight about different sensor types as well as methods for sensor fusion, integration, modeling, simulation, validation and artificial intelligence approaches. On the way to the simulation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and their driving functions, basics of scenario description, traffic flow and agent models are covered. The course builds on standardization projects such as ASAM OpenX and covers open source software approaches to simplify participants' entry into the field and community. Experienced lecturers from Science and Industry will teach approaches to co-simulation, credible simulation and virtual testing, as well as technologies for studies and experiments in the driving simulator environment. Distributed ledger technologies will be introduced to participants as one possible technology on the path to data traceability and trust for continuous proof of virtual validation. Take advantage of your opportunity for professional development and networking and join our community for an interactive and forward-looking online course.  

Inhalte: The Certificate Course is a part-time 9 month course consist of the following four interactive online modules:

  • MODULE A: Overview & Virtual 3D Environments
  • MODULE B: Sensors
  • MODULE C: Scenarios & Driving Functions
  • MODULE D: Virtual Test & Certification
Each indivudual module consists of seven training units plus one case presentation unit (3-4 hours each).

Examination Mode
Every participant choose one case topic per module. Cases are small, application-oriented tasks which are provided by the lecturers. Cases are worked on alone or in a group and presented and discussed in a separate case presentation unit at the end of each module. In addition to the four case presentations, a written scientific paper must be prepared as a certificate of achievement. The topic can also be selected and can be an application-oriented, written transfer work for a task from your company. Cases and scientific paper / transfer work will be accepted by the lecturers.

MORE INFORMATION HERE: Certificate Course: Simulation of Automated Vehicles -


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